Rogaland, Norway

Sverd i fjell near Stavanger, commemorating the 872 battle of Hafrsfjord when Norway first joined under one ruler
Mmmm escargot
All loaded up on the car ferry from Stavanger to Tau

Rogaland was one of my favorite areas of Norway and a place I’d like to return to in better weather to see where the ocean meets the fjords. At its heart lies Stavanger, Europe’s oil center with charming wooden houses clustered together in a quiet downtown.Read More »

Telemark, Norway


One of the things that is great about longer trips is the ability to have some flexibility in which road you choose. As we headed out of Oslo towards the Lysefjord our initial plan took us along a southernly route before turning north to the fjord. Sitting in the passenger seat I entertained my father with the history of the area before coming to the guidebook’s must-see, the Heddal Stave Church, which our current route – the GPS’ shortest distance between Point A and Point B – would have us completely miss. So we backtracked, more than a little bit, before heading into the country’s interior-lying national park in search of the 13th century wooden church.Read More »

Oslo, Norway


As the plane descended toward Oslo it was enveloped in think grey clouds. When we finally broke through we were what felt like merely a few hundred feet from the ground. Spread below was a thick green forest. Outside it was 5* C (41*F) in June. Meeting me at the airport was my father with whom I would travel for the next ten days and who would continue on, after my departure, throughout the Read More »