Nîmes, France


The same day that we visited the Pont du Gard we also visited the Roman city of Nîmes, completing a little road-trip through Provence. It was lovely to really take some time to explore the ancient city for an afternoon. We climbed around the Roman arena whose most recent claim to fame is its setting in the film Gladiator; watched a film in the immaculately-preserved temple, Maison Carrée; strolled through the city’s gardens where we imagined the city in Roman times with a forum and circus from the top of the Magna Tower; and ate some truly delicious crêpes at a recently-opened crêperie. Read More »

Le Pont du Gard, France


Recalling fondly this post from April 2012, written a year before we knew we would be embarking on our European adventure and when such dreams seemed like quickly-dissipating cotton candy dreams.

Six years later, four of them as an actual attorney, and I have found myself nowhere near Europe. Professionally, the most international experience I get is debating whether a Plaintiff is an illegal immigrant or reading a deposition transcript where a translator was involved. And, no, someone’s immigration status matters very little in the eyes of a civil court of law. Mainly, I use my French at home: “Est-ce que tu veux du thé, mon amour?” I find myself asking nearly every evening. Or in class: “J’ai une question…” is oft-repeated. My Turkish I use on Skype with friends, and my German? Well it is getting full of cobwebs. “Eins, zwei… was?”

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Le Cirque de Navacelles, France


“You have to acclimate yourself in that pool first otherwise you’ll have a heart attack when you jump in and won’t be able to swim away from the waterfall,” the couple told as as we sized up the jump. After my last waterfall-jumping adventure I was left bruised and bleeding, so I peered over the ledge with extra caution. It was impossible to see the bottom of river into which we were planning to launch ourselves as the water from the falls rushed down quickly, churning up foam.Read More »