Wooldrikspark, The Netherlands


For as English-speaking focused as the Dutch are we are finding it surprisingly difficult to find information about our new home that is in English. Much of this is likely due to the fact that our little city of Enschede is not exactly a tourist destination nor is the region surrounding it, the province of Overijssel. We did locate a book about the 53 places to see in Enschede, which, though mainly in Dutch, contains a short paragraph about each place in English, giving us a starting point for our adventures in the city.Read More »

Het Rutbeek, The Netherlands


“I think those people are naked!” I exclaimed as I hauled my bicycle over a fence obviously designed to keep bikes out of the beach area in front of me. “But it’s only 60 degrees,” I pondered. Behind me, the Frenchman scrambled around, eager to get a better look. In front of us were several couples and older gentlemen, all completely nude and enjoying a manmade beach in the middle of the Dutch countryside. We backed away, slowly, hoping they did not hear our giggles or see our bewildered stares.Read More »