Hospitality 2014


A lot of bloggers spend a lot of time writing about the minutia of their trips, doing “trip reports” where they talk about hotels, airlines, etc. Though informative, I’ve always found such entires to be rather odd, as if they are reviewing the hotels to get a free night in the future or are trying to show other hotels how great of a review they can write so as to get invited on a publicity trip, or, alternatively, to stroke their own traveling egos. Thus, generally, though while I may Read More »

La Ville Rose, France


La ville rose. The pink city. Could any town have a more romantic nickname than Toulouse? Living in Toulouse from October to January of last year was an architecture dream with ancient houses, shops, and hotels side-by-side, their facades covered in pink-hued terracotta brick exteriors who catch the late-afternoon sun with such beauty, their rose hues offset by shutters in mediterranean blues and greens.Read More »

Albi, France


The small city of Albi in the Tarn region of southern France is not at the top of anyone’s France itinerary, which is a mistake. There is the imposing Southern Gothic cathedral of Saint-Cecile, the largest brick structure in the world, and its painted interior. It is one of the most magnificent churches we have seen throughout our travels with its eerie painting of the Last Judgment above its nave, naked bodies descending into hell Read More »

Eye Spy, United Kingdom


The London Eye is one of those tourist attractions that makes you question whether it is “worth it.” At more than $40 per person for a thirty-minute ride in a glass bubble filled with other snap-happy tourists this is a serious question. Add to this a travel partner who is truly uncomfortable with heights, and the decision becomes harder. In the end, like all tourists, we ended up taking a ride on London’s waterfront eyesore. Read More »

London, United Kingdom


“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” ~ Samuel Johnson.

London is a city I doubt I could ever grow tired of and continue to love it long past the screams of my wallet against the plundering it takes there*. With flights at less than 35 euros and 30 minutes between the Netherlands and Britain there is little reason not to go, so we chose the capitol of the United Kingdom as the perfect spot to celebrate the Frenchman’s birthday weekend.Read More »

Nîmes, France


The same day that we visited the Pont du Gard we also visited the Roman city of Nîmes, completing a little road-trip through Provence. It was lovely to really take some time to explore the ancient city for an afternoon. We climbed around the Roman arena whose most recent claim to fame is its setting in the film Gladiator; watched a film in the immaculately-preserved temple, Maison Carrée; strolled through the city’s gardens where we imagined the city in Roman times with a forum and circus from the top of the Magna Tower; and ate some truly delicious crêpes at a recently-opened crêperie. Read More »

Düsseldorf, Germany


It was 1 a.m., and we were standing outside in the cold with blankets wrapped around us. An hour earlier, after a nice, long, Jacuzzi tub bath, I had just finished the Divergent Series on my Kindle when I smelled smoke. While I had been soaking and reading the Frenchman had decided to turn the separate shower area of our room into his own private hammam. With his nose and eyes filled with steam, he denied smelling or seeing any smoke. After a few more sniffs, I opened the hallway door to look outside, and was swallowed in a grey haze. Read More »