Tankenburg, The Netherlands

Lunchtime view from the patio of Landgoed de Wilmersberg over the Twente landscape

This weekend a near hurricane has descended on the Netherlands with inches of sideways rain. As I write this my little potted plant from Albert Hein has just blown off the windowsill, and the wind is howling. Needless to say we did not get out for a Sunday bike or hike. Instead, we watched a lot of “Black Sails” and planned our own sailing adventure around the Caribbean this summer though Read More »

Buurserzand, The Netherlands


Lately it has been all work and no play, so much so that I cannot recall the last time I went to bed before 5 a.m. only to wake, groggily, as the Frenchman leaves in the morning and then reawaken a few hours after that to boil a cup of water for tea, sit back down at the computer, and start back to work. (Of course, I should not complain as having so much work after going into solo practice only a little more than a year ago is truly a blessing.) Read More »

Het Rutbeek, The Netherlands


“I think those people are naked!” I exclaimed as I hauled my bicycle over a fence obviously designed to keep bikes out of the beach area in front of me. “But it’s only 60 degrees,” I pondered. Behind me, the Frenchman scrambled around, eager to get a better look. In front of us were several couples and older gentlemen, all completely nude and enjoying a manmade beach in the middle of the Dutch countryside. We backed away, slowly, hoping they did not hear our giggles or see our bewildered stares.Read More »