Bamberg, Germany


One of my good friends frequently posts travel quotes to his Facebook about working hard and achieving dreams. “In the end, we are our choices. Build yourself a great story.” — a quote from Jeff Bezos. Things like this. They are inspiring, he is inspiring, and I would like to think that to some people we are, too. But, mostly, people do not see the hard work that goes into keeping the dream of travel and Read More »

Speelklok, Utrecht, The Netherlands


We watch as a terrifying bunny pops out of a cabbage and menacingly wiggles his ears. The rabbit is ancient, mangy, a child’s toy from France at the turn of the last century. We are standing in Utrecht’s “Speelklok” museum, a museum all about organs, and it is oddly fascinating. In fact, it is so intriguing that we can easily call it one of the best museums we have ever visited. Read More »

Utrecht, The Netherlands


I have a confession. I’m not sure I get the whole “music thing.” You know, those people who proclaim that music is their lives; that they cannot study without music in the background. Those people that have stood in line to buy a CD (or downloaded it, rather, on the date of release.) Sure, I can appreciate some types of music, and I most certainly can appreciate the talent, drive, and hard work Read More »

Hospitality 2014


A lot of bloggers spend a lot of time writing about the minutia of their trips, doing “trip reports” where they talk about hotels, airlines, etc. Though informative, I’ve always found such entires to be rather odd, as if they are reviewing the hotels to get a free night in the future or are trying to show other hotels how great of a review they can write so as to get invited on a publicity trip, or, alternatively, to stroke their own traveling egos. Thus, generally, though while I may Read More »

Les Marchés de Noël, Toulouse, France


My clearest memories of high school French class are not of writing verb conjugation after verb conjugation on the black board. Instead, they are of the annual Christmas carol day when we would take a break from memorizing the textbook and listen to French Christmas carols. Of these, the clearest in my memories is << La Légende de Saint Nicolas >> (“The Legend of Saint Nicholas.”) This was not the tale of Jolly Old Saint Nick, mind you, but a morbid story that started innocently enough with three young children in a field. Soon, darkness falls, and they seek shelter in the home of a butcher who, as these things always go, is evil and who chops them up and puts them into a tub to brine. Read More »

Bordeaux, France


Sometimes I day dream about a big house (okay, let’s be honest, a château) in France, with a vineyard and a shaggy dog. On random Wednesday nights we host friends, eating al fresco on a wooden table. It is always a simple meal, nothing complicated or fancy, with fresh vegetables and perhaps a roast. There is always wine, from our own vines. I live in wellies, and the Frenchman begins to wear a hat and let his hair grow long. Read More »