One of Norway’s spectacular waterfalls, tumbling below the highway

Between the end of the Ryflyke national tourist highway in Røldal and before coming to the magnificent Hardangerfjord is a stretch of road past the tumbling Låtefossen, around the hydro-electic resevoir of Ringedalsvatnet and along the Sørfjorden, a narrow arm of the Hardangerfjord. The Sørfjorden is most known for being the trailhead of the fear-of-heights-inducing Trolltunga or troll’s tongue, the third of Norway’s golden crown of hiking: Kjerag, Trolltunga, and Preikestolen. No surprise, it was also snowed in, accessible only via snow-shoe hiking, so we drove on along the fjord after stopping to admire the view of the double Låtefossen as they joined together right as they passed under the stone-arched bridge for the highway. We were not jealous of the wet and shivering motorcyclists we saw there and were very pleased with our decision to rent a little hybrid car for the roadtrip instead of going on Father Adventure’s Vstrom as originally planned.

The Sørfjorden is also well-known for its flowering fruit trees, with tourists coming from places like Asia to admire the apple blossoms along the hillsides.

The visitor’s center at Låtefossen, one of the surprisingly few truly touristic huts that we saw during our trip.
The falls have a height of 165-metres (541 ft)
The double falls join just before crossing under the highway

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