Last weekend, we completed the third point of the golden triangle of Central Europe’s imperial cities in the most courtly of them all, Vienna. The weekend was full of culture and beautiful things: an opera, easter eggs, horses, choirs, and butterflies.

The Imperial Butterfly House in Vienna is the last of the Art Deco palm houses to be built on the European Continent and may be the most fabulous. Located on the site of the former Dutch Garden, the immense iron and glass Schmetterlinghaus was built in 1881 and contains three different climatic zones: a cold house, a temperate zone and a tropical climate with the temperatures maintained by a steam heating system. Originally built to house plant species from all over the world, the building is now home to several types of butterflies and an extraordinarily charming cafe, the Palmenhaus, where murals of monkeys dance amongst tropical foliage and a downpour can be escaped and enjoyed from a glass-enclosed paradise.

dsc_2102.edited dsc_2108.edited dsc_2117.edited dsc_2116.edited dsc_2095.edited dsc_2138.edited dsc_2098.edited dsc_2144.edited dsc_2096.edited dsc_2143.edited dsc_2147.edited

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